Eine neue Zeitschrift mit dem Schwerpunkt Partizipative Forschung erscheint in Großbritannien. Sie ist öffentlich zugängig und sucht derzeit auch noch Mitautor/inn/en.

In der Selbstdarstellung heißt es:

Research for All is a new journal and we are very keen to welcome your contributions to it. The journal is for anyone, working inside or outside universities, who is committed to seeing research make a difference in society.

Engagement with research goes further than participation in it. Engaged individuals and communities initiate, advise, challenge or collaborate with researchers. Their involvement is always active and they have a crucial influence on the conduct of the research – on its design or methods, products, dissemination or use. Research for All focuses on research that involves universities and communities, services or industries working together. Contributors and readers are from both inside and outside of higher education. They include researchers, policymakers, managers, practitioners, community-based organisations, schools, businesses and the intermediaries who bring these people together. The journal aims to raise the quality of engaged research by stimulating discussion about the effectiveness of engagement with researchers, research outcomes and processes.


We are looking for articles that describe, explain and analyse engaged research. Articles may include words, images, audio and video. Submissions should fall into the following broad categories. We are particularly keen to receive co-authored contributions.

Wer mehr wissen möchte, hier geht es zu Research for All: https://www.ucl-ioe-press.com/research-for-all/.